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'Vagabond is off to Flicka'
We are delighted that Baudet du Poitou gelding 'Vagabond d'Hamerton' (...


''Mini Mules' anyone'
Miniature Shetland Pony mare 'Kitty' owned by Jacky Pringle and Chelse...


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Updates - 10-09-2015

Foals, For Sale and Jennies pages updated [read more]

Vagabond is off to Flicka - 04-07-2012

We are delighted that Baudet du Poitou gelding 'Vagabond d'Hamerton' (pet name 'Vince') is off to Cornwall to join the donkeys at the Flicka Foundation sanctuary near Penryn. Flicka does fantastic wo... [read more]

'Mini Mules' anyone - 22-06-2012

Miniature Shetland Pony mare 'Kitty' owned by Jacky Pringle and Chelsey Bailey, has been put to 'Country Music's Carl Perkins' and had three good coverings, in the hope of producing the first of a pai... [read more]

BdP jennies on loan from La SABAUD - 12-06-2012

We are delighted to have been offered two very important Baudet du Poitou jennies from old blood-lines. These have come on breeding-loan from la SABAUD, the French breed society set up to rescue this... [read more]

Plans for 2012 - 09-02-2012

We will not be showing so much in 2012. Several of our show animals are now included in our breeding programme, and in particular 'Bramoth's Wacissa' who is due to have her first foal in July 2012. ... [read more]

2011 Hamerton Donkey Show - Entries Still Accepted - 04-06-2011

Our first show is on Saturday 11th June starting at 10.30am. Thank you to everyone who has sent in their entries early, which is a great help for the organisers. You can still e-mail or fax in your ... [read more]

'All-Breed Champion' at the Suffolk Show - 2nd June 2011 - 03-06-2011

The Suffolk Show held annually at Ipswich is one of the largest Agricultural Shows in the country. The donkey show is held on the second day and this year on June 2nd was well attended as usual, with... [read more]

Fitzwilliam Ride - April 2011 - 30-04-2011

Two of our young American Mammoth Jackstock jennies have been broken to ride during the spring of 2011. 'Bramoth's Gretna' and 'Bramoth's Wacissa' had their first public outing to the Fitzwilliam Ride... [read more]

Hamerton Donkey Show 2011 - 06-04-2011

The date has been fixed for the very first Hamerton Donkey Show; Saturday 11th June 2011 - under Donkey Breed Society rules. In hand classes for all donkeys, specific classes for Miniatures. Judging... [read more]

First Foal of 2011 - 10-02-2011

Our first foal of the New Year is a 'livreA' Baudet-du-Poitou jack foal born on 8th January 2011 to mother 'Tulipe'. This is the first Engliah foal from our new Etalon Approuve 'Sans-Souci'; and we h... [read more]

New Black Mammoths - 05-02-2011

Following the very sad death of Dr Tex Taylor at the end of 2010, we are honoured to have been offered some of his donkeys by Annie Ruth and Ethel. 3 Mammoth yealings (all blacks) are currently in is... [read more]

Miniature Donkey herd for sale - 04-02-2011

We are about to expand of our important herds of American Mammoth and Baudet-du-Poitou donkeys, to include 2 quality stud jacks of each breed. As a result we have decided to offer our small herd of q... [read more]

Not - 'Coals to Newcastle' - but 'BdP to France'.... - 24-09-2010

We are honoured to be able to reserve our yearling Baudet du Poitou colt for la SABAUD, the French breed society set up to preserve the World's oldest documented equine breed and save it from extincti... [read more]

Planning Permission granted for Wind Turbine - 27-08-2010

We are delighted to hear that Huntingdonshire District Council has approved our planning application for a wind turbine to be erected in the top field. So - the donkeys will have something different ... [read more]

Reference Sires - 01-08-2010

Photographs of the sires of our imported American Mammoth Jackstock can be found in the 'Stud Gallery'. They are outstanding representatives of the breed, and are the result of a lifetime of dedicate... [read more]

'Apache goes to Finland' - 29-07-2010

Our first American Mammoth Jackstock colt has just completed an epic 8 day over-land journey from Hamerton, England to Finland, moved by horse transporters John Parker International. This donkey has a... [read more]